The GonnaCope Ransomware is among the more harmful ransomware threats. It is capable of locking the data of its victims completely. Furthermore, thanks to the sufficient strength of the encryption algorithm, the affected files are unlikely to ever be restored without assistance from the attackers.


  • Administrator with high integrity or NT/Authority System shell.
  • Defender disabled or definitions deleted.


Download the 7z Compressed ransomware from here. The password is 'infected' without the single quotes. Place the ransomware onto the system via download or GPO.


Method 1 - Execution via command prompt or RDP session.

Within the shell type:



Navigate to the directory of the ransomware and double click the G0nnaC0pe.bat file.

Indicators of Compromise

  • The ransomware encrypts files found and adds a ".cope" extension to the filename.

  • The mouse buttons are inverted

  • The ransomware spawns the below shell: